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Our Choir Structure

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The Toronto Children’s Chorus (TCC) consists of four Training Choirs (ages 6-12), and a three-part Main Choir (ages 12+). Additionally, our Kindernotes Program offers early years music education classes for Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten aged children. All choirs and programs follow a season calendar, operating from September to May.

Training Choirs

The Training Choirs make up the junior division of the Toronto Children’s Chorus. The Training Choir program is separated into four distinct choirs: Spirito, Pasio, Anima, and Coro. Here, young singers learn the foundational skills needed to become exceptional performers, with an emphasis on musical theory, vocal pedagogy, sight singing, teamwork, and performance skills. Choristers in each choir rehearse once per week from September to the beginning of May, and perform in concerts throughout the season--including in all-choir performances (notably our annual holiday concert at Roy Thomson Hall, and our end-of-season concert at the George Weston Recital Hall). Music theory plays an integral role in the development of young musicians. Starting at the Pasio level, choristers are introduced to the enriching world of 'A Young Singer's Journey' theory books. These meticulously designed resources serve as a valuable tool, allowing choristers to master basic components of musical literacy and deepen their understanding of the musical language. 

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Grades 1-2


Grades 2-3

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Grades 3-4

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Grades 4-6

Main Choir

The Main Choir stands as the esteemed senior division of the Toronto Children's Chorus. While numerous choristers in the Main Choir have honed their talents in one or more of the Training Choirs, a select few are directly placed into the Main Choir following their initial audition. All choristers are expected to attend a week-long overnight camp at the end of August ahead of the upcoming season. Additional mandatory workshops and rehearsals are scheduled throughout the season.

Three base choirs make up the Main Choir: Cantare, Chorealis, and Chamber.   

Chamber choir is our representative choir, composed of choristers with advanced musical and performance skills. Chamber uniquely runs from September to June. In addition to performing in the annual concert series, Chamber represents the TCC and Toronto both nationally and internationally, performs in guest appearances, and embarks on tours. Within Chamber is yet another subset group, the Choral Scholars, who are the pinnacle of musical ability in the choir structure, and demonstrate musical excellence and leadership. Choral Scholars are the first choristers considered for solos, high-profile engagements, and specialized performances.

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