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The Toronto Children's Chorus provides children and youth with life-changing opportunities by immersing them in the vibrant world of choral art, unlocking their potential for personal and artistic growth. Our dedicated choristers thrive through a variety of enriching opportunities, including:


Comprehensive Music Education

Our program focuses on nurturing well-rounded musicians. We teach choristers healthy vocal technique, to become skilled sight-readers, to understand and apply music theory, and sharpen their musical instincts through fun and engaging ear-training exercises.


Weekly Rehearsals

Choristers engage in regular rehearsals where they hone their vocal skills and deepen their musical understanding.

Audition Dates:

Our next official audition slots will take place on a rolling basis. Register for an audition today!

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Music Festival Participation 

Our choristers have the privilege of showcasing their talents at prestigious national and international music festivals, gaining exposure to diverse audiences and enriching their performance experience.


Concerts in Renowned Venues

We take pride in hosting performances at some of Toronto's most esteemed venues, including Roy Thomson Hall and the Meridian Arts Centre, providing our young musicians with a platform to shine.


Collaboration with Renowned Musicians and Organizations

Choristers have the unique opportunity to collaborate with world-famous musicians and clinicians, including those of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Mendelssohn Choir, and The Tenors.


At the Toronto Children’s Chorus, we empower young voices to become not only skilled musicians but also passionate ambassadors of the choral arts.

- Peter Oundjian
Conductor Emeritus, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

"Each time the TCC performs with the Toronto Symphony, I am struck by the maturity of their sound. The children are incredibly disciplined with a warmth and richness rarely heard in children’s choirs."

  • What are the payment options?
    KinderNotes fees are generally paid in a single payment. You may contact our office if you would like to discuss alternative monthly payment arrangements. No financial assistance is available for KinderNotes fees.
  • How do I register for KinderNotes?
    You may register your child for KinderNotes on this page during our registration period, typically open from June to September. Registration is limited to 15 children per class. Please note we do not accept registration over the phone or by email.
  • How long is your season?
    The TCC season begins in September and runs until May. Parents may enroll their children in the second half of our season, starting January, if spots are available.
  • How long is each class?
    Each class is 45 minutes long.
  • Is KinderNotes a performing choir?
    KinderNotes is primarily a music education program. Children in KinderNotes 2 have the opportunity to perform in the Toronto Children’s Chorus’ final season concert in May. This is a great opportunity for any young singers who hope to join a Toronto Children's Chorus training choir in the future to get some performance experience and learn from older choristers.
  • Does my child have to audition?
    There is no audition required for admittance into KinderNotes.
  • Does my child need to have prior musical experience?
    Children in the KinderNotes program do not need to have had any previous musical experience. Classes incorporate singing, movement, music reading, rhythmic skill development, listening games, and more to develop their musical skills.
  • What ages do you accept?
    KinderNotes is the Toronto Children’s Chorus’ introductory music education program for Junior and Senior Kindergarten-aged children, from ages 4-6. If your child is old enough to be in Junior Kindergarten in the GTA, then they are best suited for KinderNotes 1. If your child is old enough to be in Senior Kindergarten in the GTA, then they are best suited for KinderNotes 2.
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