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Carmina Burana | October 26-27, 2023


October 2023


Roy Thomson Hall


Main Choir

“My recent experience with the Toronto Children's Chorus and conductor Zimfira Poloz was marked by unparalleled excellence. The concert featuring Orff’s Carmina Burana and a commissioned piece by Tracy Wong showcased the remarkable musicality and musicianship of these young singers. Under Zimfira's guidance, the choir's precision and emotional depth transcended their years, delivering a performance that left audiences in awe. The professionalism exhibited by the Toronto Children's Chorus was truly commendable; the commitment to artistic integrity and the seamless execution of complex compositions reflected the group's unwavering dedication. Collaborating with this ensemble was not just a musical endeavor but a transformative and enriching experience.”

- Dr. Jean-Sébastien Vallée; Artistic Director, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir

From Zimfira:

It was an exceptionally high honour for us to have the opportunity to be part of Carmina Burana, and a great responsibility to perform in the premiere of Tracy Wong’s commissioned a cappella piece, “Patah Tumbuh (Broken - Renewed),” with over 200 singers on stage. We are so proud of all of our choristers and our soloist for this piece, Lilysa Pirtam! This premiere made history as, to the best of our knowledge, one of the first Malay pieces to be performed at Roy Thomson Hall. The childrens’ faces were glowing as they witnessed the electric response of the audience. I wish I had this kind of experience when I was their age!

We heard a lot of compliments about our professionalism, discipline, and focus. We were complimented on our choreography, memorised repertoire, and our smiles. We also were offered the opportunity to perform Rasa Nusantara, arranged by Dr. Tracy Wong, as a surprise piece for the audience - choreographed, a cappella, with two soloists who sounded great: Isla Shapiro and Liepa Spakauskas. Bravo! Rasa Nusantara was performed without a conductor, teaching these young singers to be independent musicians, and to form trust between singers and a connection with the audience. ❤️

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